Welcome to the Round Barn Ranch



We are overwhelmed at the support we have received from our family, friends, volunteers, local businesses and the entire community.  Thank you to everyone for all you did to make "Raise the Roof" a fun and successful event.  Special thanks to the Steele family and the families of the former owners of the barn who came out to show their support.

 "Raise the Roof" has given us a great start and will help ensure that the restoration efforts continue to move forward.  Please visit the Photos page to see all the fun.

There is still much to do so please help support this ongoing effort to restore and preserve this historic round barn. 

All tax deductable donations will go to the "Round Barn Preservation Fund" in affiliation with the Kansas Barn Alliance and the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation.

For online donations, please visit:The Kansas Rural Communities Foundation


 You could tell just by looking that the old barn needed help.  A hundred years, a thousand storms,and a bit of neglect had left the Round Barn in urgent need of structural repairs.

The compression ring (or plate ring)which connects the upper and lower sections of the roof had decayed and broken down in several places.  This had allowed the roof to sag dangerously inward in some places while twisting and pushing the roof outward in other places.

Shortly after purchasing the property, we put in some temporary bracing to hold the roof in place and try to keep it up until we could get the repairs done. 

 To make the repairs and still maintain the historical integrity of the archetecture, was quite the balancing act,...literally.   The  plan was to support both sections of the roof seperately while the compression ring was replaced.  Then the two roof sections would be brought back to the new ring and re-attached.  This would be very labor intensive and quite dangerous as the whole thing could have come down during the process.  There are only a handful of people in the country who have the experience, knowledge and expertise to do this job.  Of course, they are expensive too.   With help in the form of an Agritourism loan from the Kansas Department of Commerce - Rural Development Division, and the proceeds from "Raise the Rooof", we were able to begin the structural portion of the restoration of  this amazing 100 year old example of distinctly American archetecture.   Currently, the Round Barn is being nominated for the State and National Historic Registers. 


Restoration Progess










Trillium Dell Timberworks  began the reconstruction work on Sept. 13, 2010.   Owner, Rick Collins (2nd from left) and crew of 3 began jacking the roof back into place and put everything in place for the demolision of the old compression or plate ring.  The roof is actually ROUND again.  TDTW returned on Oct. 10th to complete the structural portion of the restoration. 


Structural Restoration Work Completed!

Trillium Dell Timberworks completed the structural portion of the restoration of the roof on Thursday, Oct. 14th.  The seven man crew replaced the plate ring, removed the jacks,... and the roof held!  This was the most critical part of the job and to our knowledge has never been done before on a barn of this type.  Per engineer's recommendations, additional supports were installed which will add strength and greater saftey.  A big sigh of relief and big thanks to Trillium Dell Timberworks! Check the photos page for more pictures. 

Now that the roof is no longer in danger of collapse, we can continue with the restoration.  There is still a million and one things to do.  But what a great start!