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Quotes The State Historic Preservation Office first surveyed and documented the Foley Barn in 1975. It was featured in the Spring 1999 issue of Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains in an article about round barns, which was published, in part, to bring awareness to this rare and shrinking type of property. Earlier this year, our staff determined the Foley Barn to be potentially eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, The Foley Barn suffers major roof problems and is in jeopardy of collapsing. We support any efforts to stabilize and rehabilitate the building to keep it standing for years to come. Quotes
Patrick Zollner
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Quotes I am writing in support of Jon and Terri Reece's efforts to get critical repairs made to the historic Round Barn. I have become acquainted with Jon and Terri over the last 12 months as they have diligently pursued their dream of saving this unique structure and establishing it as a special events venue that will serve Derby and the surrounding communities. The Reece's plan to expand the Round Barn into an events center fits a need in our community that is currently unmet. I believe demand will be steady for a facility that is able to host social gatherings, wedding receptions, reunions, business meetings and other special events, and I anticipate the demand generated by these types of events can be expected to grow over time as our community continues its steady growth. I support their plans to develop the Round Barn into a unique, much-needed events facility that will undoubtedly be an asset to the Derby community. Quotes
Allison Moeding
Economic Development Director - City of Derby

Quotes The Reece round barn is a rare example of rural architecture. Benton Steele, the architect/builder of the Fleming/Reece barn, was well known in the early 1900s for building round barns in Indiana and Illinois. By 1907, Steele had moved to Halstead. He is known to have designed 5 round barns in Kansas. Only 2 of these remain. The plans Jon and Terri have made for the barn to become an event venue are timely. Barns are being sought as sites for concerts, weddings, reunions, small conferences and more. The location of the barn near a large population center makes it a good candidate for investment. I believe the restoration of this barn will be a significant addition to the Derby community and Sedgwick County. Quotes
Sally Hatcher
Pres. Kansas Barn Alliance